Project: Long-form article for a not-for-profit focused on sustainability and the power of art to affect change, primarily related to cryptocurrency.
Challenge: Encourage artists who may not be familiar with the crypto space to sign up for a program to ensure sustainable practices in cryptocurrency in the arts.
Solution: A quote from an 80s movie was used to ease people into reading about cryptocurrency, a subject that can be intimidating. The broad principles of NFTs and crypto were outlined, followed by a three-step simplification of the sign-up process.
You Need to Know About the Conscious Crypto Creator Movement
To quote the philosopher Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast”. The advent of cryptocurrency and NFTs is showing us just how fast.
A digital revolution is changing the economic landscape for anyone wishing to monetize and protect digital artworks. Artists, creators, and organizations are awakening to the immense potential of the new technologies, but face two daunting challenges: educating themselves on blockchains, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, and learning how to leverage them in an environmentally responsible way. This second challenge is not insignificant.
The technology underpinning many major cryptocurrencies, Proof-of-Work (PoW), uses massive amounts of energy — Bitcoin alone consumes an average of 132 TW/h/year (the equivalent of 12,000,000 American homes). PoW’s carbon footprint is enormous: 63,000,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year enormous. And this number is growing.
So, how can creators participate in the new crypto economy in an environmentally responsible way? This is where ArtsHelp’s Conscious Crypto Creator (CCC) program plays an integral role.
As the world’s number one art publisher, ArtsHelp knows a thing or two about supporting the arts and artists — the nonprofit organization was literally founded on the principle of art making the world a better place for all. ArtsHelp saw the need to educate artists on how to use NFTs to monetize and protect their digital artworks… and to do so in a sustainable fashion. Hence, the Conscious Crypto Creator program was born.
Joining the ArtsHelp CCC ‘movement’ involves three quick and easy steps:
1. Enrol in a condensed yet comprehensive series of classes on crypto concepts. Classes include Blockchain & Cryptocurrency 101, All About NFTs, Environmental Impacts, and Becoming a Crypto Creator. The ‘instructors’ for each class are knowledgeable and likeable, and the four video classes require only 57 minutes to view.
2. Pledge to learn about the environmental impacts of blockchains and NFTs, advocate for sustainable practices, and use only clean platforms. ArtsHelp is not just interested in teaching artists about crypto-validation, they are committed to creating “a movement to meet the moment”.
3. Become a CCC Verified Artist. This status not only signals the artist’s dedication to the fight for transparency and sustainability in crypto-validation practices but also qualifies them to apply for funding from the $3.5m CCC Verified Artist Grant.
The cost of this education? Totally free. As the ArtsHelp website says, “Every sector of the economy must address this crisis [climate change]” — the organization has created the CCC movement to further its mission of supporting art and artists as a vehicle for social change.
The full quote from the film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off goes like this: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
So it is with cryptocurrency, blockchains, and NFTs — the technology is advancing rapidly, and the Conscious Crypto Creator movement provides the opportunity to stop and see what is going on, allowing you to participate profitably and responsibly. Don’t miss it!