Can you count on your content?
Savvy businesspeople know having the best concept means little if no one knows about it. Your marketing copy needs to grab eyeballs and keep them focused on you - is your content doing its job?
Every word counts - there is no room for place-filler in today’s crowded marketplace. Find a wordsmith with a broad range of experience who can study your brand, identify with your customers, and craft content that inspires a bond and generates sales.​​​​​​​
More than just a pretty typeface
I haven’t always been a writer. Over the years I have toiled as a graphic designer, customer experience coordinator, emergency medical technician, locksmith, bartender, dog walker, quality assurance analyst, web author, nightclub bouncer, community organizer, tree planter, paper shredder, video arcade attendant, property manager, sculptor, safety inspector, barista, educational program developer, proofreader, political candidate, waiter, board member, grocery clerk, a blacksmith, project manager, a terrible triathlete, and more. 
You might be thinking, “This dude needs to pick a lane.”
Writers are told to write what they know. Eclectic as it is, my broad background provides a broad perspective from which to write. Odds are, I have been there and done that. Combined with a genuine love of language and a curious mind, these varied experiences are precisely what enable me to tell your story and put your words to work. 

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