Project: Chiquita Bananas, spec project
Challenge: Market bananas to an 18-35yo demographic.
Solution: I have created characters to personify the fruit most commonly seen as healthy, and put it in opposition with the fruit we are seeking to position as a healthier option. Research of the product shows bananas are an extremely healthy inclusion in any diet, so the old 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away' phrase is given a twist to position the benefits of bananas in relation.
These characters are intended to be used in an ongoing series of ads establishing a rivalry between the fruits, much like the Apple-Microsoft rivalry ads of the 90s. This ad uses a standard clickbait approach in the headline to appeal to an internet-savvy demographic and seeks to draw in the audience enough to read and retain the list of nutrients provided by bananas.
Design Notes: 'Quite possibly the world's perfect food' tagline, logo © Chiquita Banana.