Project: A print ad for Chiquita Bananas (spec)
Challenge: Market bananas to an 18-35yo demographic.
Solution: Younger consumers are increasingly interested in finding life hacks and shortcuts to health - so-called ‘superfoods’ promise a higher quality of life with less effort… just look at the health shakes and smoothies currently dominating nutritional marketing. Furthermore, sexual performance is a consistent area of concern for early adults. 
Research of the product shows numerous nutritional benefits related to sexual health, providing the opportunity to create a campaign that positions bananas as a convenient superfood that directly benefits sexual health. Repurposing a familiar joke with a new twist conveys a cheeky yet medically accurate message, but does so indirectly with a wink and a nod.
Design Notes: 'Work on your curve' tagline, logo © Chiquita Banana, stock image © Shutterstock.