Roadfood Adventures
Our travellers' Texas road food tour begins at Kincaid's Hamburgers. This Texas treasure started in the 1940s as a grocery store that happened to serve burgers, but the drippingly flavourful burgers quickly took center stage.
Jane and Michael's next stop on their Florida dining tour is Captain Joey Patti's Seafood deli, a casual yet high-spirited eatery with a diner feel and some of the best seafood imaginable, as well as local treats such as gumbo and hushpuppies.
Our traveller's road food adventure continues with a visit to sample the family-style food of the Juniper Valley Ranch, a low-slung adobe house that serves modest yet delicious comfort foods of the region, such as skillet-fried chicken and baked ham.
United States of Sport
Midwest Bound: Visit three iconic sporting locations in the American Midwest, including Detroit, Chicago, and Cinncinati, and explore the inextricable link between sport, food, and culture that defines this classic American experience.
A Chicago Bears NFL game is the pinnacle of the midwestern sports experience. Our heroes experience a pre-game 'tailgate' party, try a 'keg stand', then take in the spectacle of thousands of passionate Bears fans as they cheer their team to victory.
Welcome to the South: Blitz your way through America's south, party with fans of Atlanta United Football Club, tailgate at an Atlanta Falcons NFL game, and enjoy the southern hospitality of Savanna, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina.
American football is an obsession for American fans, so our team joins Atlanta fans in a traditional tailgate party before taking in the spectacle of an NFL football game between the hometown Atlanta Falcons and rivals the New York Giants.
California Pop
Central Valley: Visit the bar decorated with over a million pennies, sample some wine at a country market, hit a museum, see an underground garden, and travel back in time to learn some history.
North Coast: Anthony and Shikira journey along the North Coast of California to ride a rail bike, hit some roadside attractions, eat some delicious northern California cuisine, and soak up the Mendocino vibe.
Central Coast: On the campiest leg of their journey yet, Anthony and Skaria visit the Bigfoot Museum, meet a rodeo clown, tour a skateboarding museum, visit a theme park, and sample some local delicacies.