Seduction — Demos, 2016*
Playing around with electronic music. No lyrics yet.
Lost - Demos, 2016*
More fun with electronic composing. No lyrics yet.
Summertime — Demos, 2016*
Kind of a Motown feel. No lyrics yet.
Walk All Over You — Demos, 2016*
Another Motown kinda thing. No lyrics yet.
Ceremony — Demos, 2016*
A little something symphonic. No lyrics.
Valentine — Demo, 2016*
Piano, strings, and maybe the makings of a nice little tune? No lyrics.
Moonlight on Snow — Demos, 2016*
It's like I was writing soundtrack for a rom-com. No lyrics.
Fortitude — Demos, 2016*
If the other one is a rom-com soundtrack, this one is for a battle epic. No lyrics.