Project: Radley Robots telepresence robots
Challenge: Illustrate two models of telepresence robot use - the healthcare setting, and facilitation of ageing in place. Describe the benefits to a medical system dealing with an ageing population, and for the baby boomer demographic struggling to deal with the challenges of caring for senior parents. For both models, communicate the product's reliability.
Solution: Telepresence robots are not new, but are seeing a resurgence of awareness as a solution for challenges presented in the age of COVID. Still, they are seen as a novelty or toy rather than a reliable solution to existing challenges. 
Seeing is believing - images showing the product in use, both in the hospital setting and in the home, educate the intended audiences about how the product would be used and allow potential buyers to insert themselves into the scenario. A physician consulting with a patient remotely and a family visiting an older relative convey each use case. The body copy is used to reinforce the product benefits while reassuring potential customers users about product reliability and seeks to convince adopters the product will solve their problems, not create new ones.
Design Notes: Stock images © Ohmnilab.