Onboarding Email: 'Engraved by Hand'
Art. History.
Alchemy is the ancient pursuit of turning something common into something precious.
That’s what our Grand Master Engravers do. When our renowned artisans apply their expertise to an SEC firearm, the results are… well, magical.
When you hold it in your hand, you can sense the weight of it. As you gaze at the mirror polish of the plating, you can see its perfection. As you run your fingers over the hand-engraved designs, you can feel the exacting precision.
This is not just a luxury firearm.
This is a fully-functional work of art that echoes with history and culture and tradition. Techniques passed down from master to apprentice through the centuries create an exceptional item you will pass down through your generations.
Our Grand Master Engravers don’t just make their mark. They create a legacy.
Seattle Engraving Center makes the world’s most desirable firearms. Start your legacy today:
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Transactional Email: 'Review Collection'
We make the ordinary extraordinary.
[picture of unadorned Rock Island 1911]
[picture of SEC Titan Rock Island 1911 and link]
The customers of Seattle Engraving Center demand the best that life has to offer. That’s why our master craftsmen are constantly innovating to bring you the best in luxury firearms. 
A Seattle Engraving Center firearm is more than a gun. It’s a timeless work of art. 
Visit our gallery of the latest Seattle Engraving Center designs, then claim your masterpiece. 
Seattle Engraving Center Newsletter — 'What to Expect'
What to Expect as a Seattle Engraving Center Customer
As a luxury brand, Seattle Engraving Center makes the world’s most desirable firearms. As a luxury brand, we also provide a luxurious customer experience.
It’s the foundation of everything we do. We are passionate about service excellence and we care deeply for our customers — every design we create and every decision we make starts with asking ourselves, “What do our customers want?”
We see the purchase of a Seattle Engraving Center firearm as more than just a transaction. We see it as the start of a lifelong relationship. And when you enter into a relationship, it’s nice to know what to expect.
As a customer of Seattle Engraving Center, here’s what you can expect:
1. We will provide you with an array of the world’s most iconic pistols, revolvers, and rifles with names like Colt, Glock, Sig Sauer, and Magnum lovingly adorned with designs using 24k yellow gold, 18k rose gold, white chrome, black chrome, precision engraving, and gemstone inlays.
2. We will make your ordering process quick and easy, earning your confidence with our sterling reputation, secure global delivery, and exporting expertise.
3. The master craftsmen of SEC will begin creating your masterpiece using only the finest materials, professional processes, and expert artisanship.
4. Your legacy firearm will be delivered to your preferred FFL dealer*, safely and securely, as you track your purchase throughout its entire journey.
5. You will marvel at the blend of power and beauty you now possess, and take comfort in your 1-year warranty and ongoing customer support.
There’s a reason so much of our business is from repeat customers. Getting a luxury firearm is one thing, but getting a luxury firearm and 5-star service is another thing altogether. It’s not just buying a possession, it’s an overall experience that is second to none.
We are proud of the art pieces we create and the service we provide. You will love your new luxury firearm and the entire experience of acquiring it.
That is what you can expect… and what Seattle Engraving Center will deliver.
Find your ultimate experience today:
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* Under Federal law, customers are not permitted to have firearms shipped to their home residence — AFT law requires Seattle Engraving Center to ship only to a licensed Federal Firearm entity (FFL dealer). Customers must source a local FFL dealer and confirm that the selected FFL dealer will accept the transfer. (Not all dealers accept transfers, so this must be confirmed before shipping). While Seattle Engraving Center cannot source an FFL dealer for you, we do offer a dealer finder on our website to help customers locate a local FFL dealer: 
[link to FFL dealer finder]