Street Sense & Fashion — West 13th, 1998
This was a throw-away I wrote to just round out an album that has consistently gotten the most positive feedback, go figure.
In the Hole — West 13th, 1998*
Terrible lyrics, but super strong tune with loads of potential.
Still Think of You — West 13th, 1998*
Really wanna save this one. I think it has a tonne of potential to be an epic.
The One — West 13th, 1998*
This one needs a complete lyric rewrite, but it is worth doing — the way I play it now (on electric with a cool delay) absolutely SLAYS.
Can We Say Goodbye — West 13th, 1998*
This one has a lovely Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young vibe... but the lyrics are a bit sophomoric.